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What I am doing

I am a concept designer who connects different sectors and creates cross-border solutions

Concept design

Sometimes you have an idea that solves a problem, but you don't see the way. I start, set milestones and goals, but above all limitations. That way, it becomes more like a framework to relate to. But it works very well.

Works towards public activities

The dialogue with authorities regarding support or disputes is rarely fun. But it is possible to get help. As a private actor, it is easy to feel small when an authority with unlimited amounts of money wants something from you and here can contribute with dialogue. 

Helping others start demanding businesses

Most companies are relatively easy to start, but there are industries that require various types of permits from authorities. Most often, this is where you get lost and you have the feeling of almost being opposed instead. 

Easier web design

I think visual design makes it easier to focus on something and I think concept design makes it easier to find and set one's limitations. A simpler website, like this one, usually goes a long way to formalize your idea!


There is a lot of help for those who want to start a business, but just like when you graduate, you get a pat on the back and a "good luck" afterwards. It's hard and there are a lot of mines out there. 


Somewhat jokingly, I have said that you can use me as a potato as I am someone who fits everything. As a concept designer, you create cross-border solutions for businesses that operate in several sectors.

With today's development, fewer people master the written language. Regardless of whether it is a business plan, invoice or a procurement, it is perceived as difficult or troublesome. My work essentially consists of solving all those things that someone else finds prohibitive. 

I rarely get involved in the day-to-day operations. However, I am happy to stand aside and watch, contribute and correct where I can. Often it's about finding smoother and more fun ways to tackle a challenge, rather than having to use styluses.

My main task is to create a framework. It can be compared to an operating system for a computer or phone and then together we add functions through apps. Most often, success is about having set your framework from the beginning and not needing to add more later. 

Most of the time I am with a client for a longer period of time and not just to deliver a service and then disappear. There are always things you can read about, but when it has to be carried out in practice, it locks up and you might get tunnel vision or bury your head in the sand. It is not a pleasant feeling!

Example 1 of what I do

A young person with the ambition to start his own business in personal assistance got in touch to get help navigating the application process. Together we created the business plan, needs plan, found clients (to justify the need), developed concepts and websites, created the formal authority application and found the right model for how the communication would take place. The whole process took maybe nine months but for the actual work two were enough.

Example 2 of what I do

A company that has been established for many years got in touch because it had received a refund of a six-figure sum for short-term support during Covid-19. The process has been very unusual from an authority perspective where you usually have a clear path for how things should go. But Covid-19 changed a lot and they deviated from many of their principles, and it then turned out to be a bug in the system, whereupon the requirement was withdrawn in its entirety.