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A selection from my portfolio

Founder and concept designer of the below projects and is a selection from my portfolio. They go into each other to create a more inclusive society together while standing firmly on their own two feet and being able to support themselves. 

World Social Label 

If integration in society is to be improved, new tools and new solutions must be created. It is no longer possible to continue on the same track and expect a different outcome. The World Social Label works to make it attractive for mainly small and medium-sized companies to work with marginalized people.

World Social Label Charity

The surplus from World Social Label is donated to the World Social Label Charity, which in turn carries out what are called social efforts in society. These efforts are defined and determined by the members associated with World Social Label. We call it Charity as a business, CaaB.

World Social Label Trade

One world, one people but so many invisible borders and barriers to cross. Transnational trade and transnational relations are no exception and within World Social Label Trade everything that is cross-border activities is handled for members of World Social Label.

World Social Label Business

A division that from the summer of 2023 gets its own focus with associated cabinet and divisions and is internally called Core. The reason is that there are own, profit-making businesses where all concepts are first applied to show that they are sustainable, feasible and work in practice.

World Future Label 

Education is the key to tomorrow's barrier-free society. It does not matter if it is Sweden, Germany, Taiwan or Sudan. The challenges are different but the solution, the commitment among small business owners and education, is the same regardless.

Cupio Company

The first part of what is called Phase II is about giving consumers the opportunity to shop more consciously. Everything from food to interior design is created and sold here, where a certain amount always goes into the World Social Label Charity, and as a consumer you have the opportunity to be part of CaaB.

WOSL Cloud

Within the World Social Label Cloud, services are created and designed that are global, to the extent that they are not limited to one nation. Here are services that were developed within an Ignite department somewhere and then commercialized and built into the membership, from various forms of communication to VPSs for members' servers.

WNF Today

The digital newsletter that reports on everything happening in World Social Label, Charity, Trade, Cupid Company and Wings of Paloma. WNF reports on new members, social efforts in the community, events from the WCSS Center (the World Social Label in-house training body) and much more.

Orcas & Pandas

What is black, white, not a fish but lives in the sea? What is black, white but lives in Asia? Orcas and pandas respectively! Thus was also born the concept business for World Social Label to also work for other non-profit and charitable organizations that work for animals, not just these two, to have a better life!

OaP Foundation

A planned foundation intended specifically to donate to other organizations that work for animal welfare. We know that animals have a strong, rehabilitative factor for many people and that many animals get hurt out in the world. We felt that a purpose specific foundation was necessary to show yet another page. 

Green Faith World

Green Faith Earth is a subset of WCSR Life to showcase members' efforts for a better environment. It is a smaller part that is still important based on the fact that many companies are already working to reduce their climate footprint and this should of course be rewarded. We borrow the earth from our children and one day it must be returned.

EUSL LGBT & Agenda 2030

Love is love, love who you want, education and no hunger. These are some of the goals of the EUSL LGBT department, which also include Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals. They are also the overriding goals for justifying World Social Label's, Cupio Company's and Wing of Paloma's existence at all.  


World Social Label has developed a validation system based on ISO26000 for social integration and equality, which is applied here to companies and what they can do for a more inclusive society. WCSR Life is a points-based system that results in stars to show off to the world.

Wings of Paloma

En så kallad topporganisation för hur World Social Label kan sprida och implementera i praktiken de mål som organisationen har satt upp. Paloma, från spanskan och betyder duva, handlar om hur når man de som vi vill hjälpa. Vidare handlar det om de som vill bidra med egen tid och egen insats för att hjälpa någon annan. 

Wings of Paloma

En mötesplats för människor i utanförskap och för de som vill hjälpa någon annan. Dessa center är fysiska platser där mat, kläder och annat kan delas ut. Platserna är också en arbetsplats för koncepten Social Impact House och Social Green House där företagare och entreprenörer under utbildning kan mötas för att bygga varandra. 

Wings of Paloma

Inom projektet Europe Our Society, EUOS, ingår åtminstone två kyrkor. Här avses att sätta upp ett eget trossamfund med syfte att få utföra vigslar inom World Social Label. 

Wings of Paloma
Knight Order

A modern model of the chivalry of the time is created through Wings of Paloma. Here, it is neither entrepreneurs nor consumers that the focus is on, instead it is about the members within World Social Label who are prepared to invest their own time and their own capital in wanting to create a better society.

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