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Get help to apply for public funding for your business Grants, loans and research support


Public funds are money that comes from the municipal or state sector and is usually devoted to individual parts or projects within a business activity. Often it is difficult to get support for the entire business, as this is instead classified as business development and then organic growth and more traditional financing options are more important.

The simplest and perhaps most common form of support is what is called "de minimis” and can be simply summarized as an EU grant of up to €200,000 per 36 months. An application's maximum ceiling is usually up to SEK 250,000, which means you have the option of several different types of applications. These applications are relatively short and easier to get through.

The step above is probably regional applications up to SEK 25 million and is usually handled by the local regional association in consultation with, for example, Almi to the Swedish Growth Agency. Applications here usually require a lot of work, study visits and more. 

Larger applications than usual are usually aimed directly at the EIB, EBRD and others and rarely have an upper limit on their size. Among other things, it was like this Northvolt funded its gigafactory. Here it may be worth mentioning that de minimis are grants while the larger applications can be both grants and loans. 

I can make all these applications for you. 


There is a business perspective in investing in research for one's products or services. It is a way of validating what you do so that you stand out from the competition and at the same time it is something that shows that there is something bigger than the business. A research project is a longer investment where a shorter project usually takes one year while a longer project is three years or more and in several cases you can also get research support for what you want to develop. 

Through my network, I have the opportunity to take your project as a research assignment to Sweden's major universities, alternatively also international universities. Things that may be of interest are, for example, circularity, sustainability, energy issues, social sustainability - something that can be applied to everything we do today. 

A validated advantage

and drive away from your competitors

Today, it can almost be a requirement to have an environmental label of some kind in order to receive assignments, or even to participate in tenders. Consumers also carefully choose who or whom they will consume with. It is not enough to say that you are one or the other and then you need someone to certify that it is true - therefore research can make you stand out from the crowd and convince your customers to choose you.

Public funds

Get help in applying for public funds for your business

As the Swedish state and others have focused on bad contracts and procurements, the requirements for these have been gradually tightened. There are now high demands on companies even for smaller applications such as "de minimis" or direct procurement. Navigating through these can be a pain in the ass, but once through, you are also "approved" in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. In the end, it becomes a matter of credibility.

Bonus: Simpler websites

Everyone needs to be seen and I can help with that by building a simpler website for you. It guarantees a stable framework so that Google and other search engines find you and you can rank high in searches. Furthermore, a performance of at least 80 in Pagespeed and at least 80 in SEO quality is also guaranteed through Seobility. Finally, I can connect your social media with the website and set up a structure around email and other things. 

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